Quality Policy

Quality Policy:

At Shahbaz & Brother, (SB) we have a commitment to quality. Therefore, we have adopted a customer-focused, data-driven philosophy for everything that we do. We work with our customers and suppliers to achieve the highest levels of quality possible.
Our drive towards higher levels of quality began the very first day our company was founded. Our company culture is open to new ideas regardless of from whom, or where. We are continuously and relentlessly striving to create a culture that moves beyond boundaries, reduces bureaucracy, and naturally supports innovation.

Safety Health And Environment (She) Policy:

SB is committed to provide a safe working environment to both its employees and its clients. We strive to achieve this through a program of continuous education of employees in safety and Loss Prevention aspects and by means of effective communication between all parties involved in project operation.
No operation is so important that it must be done in a manner which exposes the employee to hazardous conditions which could result in harm to personnel or damage to property. Elimination of potential losses will be given top priority by the Concerned Manager.”Safety has and always will be our prime objective”. During our selection process, SB ensures that selected candidates have enough safety awareness on the job, failing this, and then comprehensive training sessions will be organized. Safety Health and Environment Our mission is to achieve and maintain the highest level Of Safety, Health and Environmental control in all areas of the Company‚Äôs operations. Innovative training and education programs allow us to provide our employees and subcontractors with the tools they need to increase safety and reduce the risk on every project we manage. Safety Health and Environment Policy is a vital attribute to Shahbaz & Brother Co. (SB) the well being of every employee depends on safety, health and environment. Hence all possible steps are taken to keep the health of every employee practically sound. We always look forward to an accident/incident free atmosphere on the job or off the job at all times.SB has designed a Loss Prevention system to safeguard its employees from accidents and its equipment and materials from damage. Safety is of the utmost importance to the company. To achieve this company have adopted a policy under the leadership of our safety officer. All necessary safety gears are deployed at all items. Complying safety policies, relevant status code of practice and industrials standards are well imparted to every employee for safety awareness. As part of our safety training program, we provide indoctrination to every new employee followed be orientation to the plant area he is assigned to work.
Environment is the concern of every individual all over the globe. Environmental policies have far fetching effects human lives. At SB all safety paraphernalia employed are environmental friendly.
Has designed a Loss Prevention system to safeguard its employees from accidents and its equipment and materials from damage.